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Perfekt Service company was established in 1991 and registered the same time by two owners Henryk Krawczyk and Krzysztof Masłyk. The company developed in a short time and acquire necessary for shipping industry certificates. During first years of its activity, the company owned such contractors as Euroafrica, Szczecin Shipyard, Fast Baltic, Baltramp, Unibaltic and many others that are now partners or regular customers. Perfekt Service is a company still developing and searching for new solutions in shipyard industry. We can be proud of conducting complex overhauls and modernization of such vessels as MF Gryf 2004, MF Galileusz 2005 or MF Kopernik 2007. Owning to co-operation with these units we are a well-known and respected company in Poland. Plans for the coming years concern development and investment in the field of technology. First steps are signing the co-operation agreement with West Pomeranian University of Technology Szczecin regarding innovative solutions. Thanks to that we are taking part in EU project connected to obtaining and introduction of new technologies in the shipyard sector. The project includes building of production hall and modern industrial park composing of such machines as: cnc burner, modern lathe or bending machine.
In the last years we had the opportunity to work for Antwerpen, Arhus or Hamburg shipyards. We support also Unity Line and TT Line ferries.
We own a quay of 400 meters long and 8,5 meter deep.



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